What We Do

At VisionShift Studios, we understand the potential for serious game development and we’re creating groundbreaking games that nurture the interrelationship between the player and the content to produce remarkable outcomes. We’ve pioneered the creation of a serious gaming platform that allows the user to reconnect with their own physical and mental state-of-being in safe and visually transforming environments that enhance training, personal development and physical wellness.

Through the combination of biofeedback technology and key components of game play including education-based role-playing, breathtaking, simulated realities and immersive, interactive environments, our serious games affect the individual more profoundly than any other gaming format. This integration of biofeedback into a computer game is the alchemy that adds a new level of inner-awareness and deeper levels of immersion into the gaming world.

VisionShift Studios creates computer games that can bridge the chasm of gaming platforms by effectively weaving accessible stories and character plots with proven training techniques that soften the mental boundaries and properly align the mind to accept new conceptual learning.


Our Philosophy: Immersion

VisionShift Studios creates immersive experiences that transform lives through the creation and development of rich 2.5D simulation environments that take full advantage of real, human emotion and truthful communication. When appropriate, we integrate biofeedback technology to plunge the user into a visceral state of activity that is unparalleled in the development and retention of new thought patterns.


Medical technology pioneers have a shared belief that videogame and entertainment film technologies can be linked with new learning applications to improve training and development, as well as overall health and wellbeing. At VisionShift Studios, we are determined to bridge the gap that exists between these worlds by integrating them through the use of biofeedback.

Biofeedback consists of sensors connected to the body that measure physiology including skin conductance levels (SCL) and heart rate variability (HRV). In the serious game context, the biosensors monitor the player’s physiology during game play giving visual and auditory feedback, thus engaging the imagination and expectations of the player, creating an “inter/inner-active” user experience. The game introduces the player to new mind-body techniques that improve cognitive fitness and mental resilience. The feedback from the game teaches the player to regulate and reset current mental and physical states and to monitor their progress. The result is a highly effective means of training retention.


At VisionShift Studios, we take a simpler, more effective, more immersive approach to computer game simulation. By weaving real human beings with real emotions and real stories into simulated environments, our serious games evoke a far greater emotional response from the user. Rather than transferring the responsibility of training and development onto an inanimate avatar, the use of living, breathing partners to guide the user through their experience has resulted in greater trust, buy-in, and increased potential for new learning.

Our approach is not only more effective at eliciting change, it is also faster and less expensive than 3D program development making it the most cost effective approach for even the most challenging projects.