Our Process

We understand that each client has a unique vision. We have a proven process for illuminating these concepts and turning them into the real world programs. We take ideas and challenges and craft a solution using digital media and technology.


We begin by listening. We help our clients to better define their vision and to more fully understand their audience. During this brainstorming process we attempt to align message with the most suitable media platform(s) for their demographic. We'll carefully study your technical and content constraints, and build an actionable roadmap that can drive the design process.


We take the time to thoroughly understand the content and the context of your project to provide the most effective solution. Conducting interviews with experts in the field and seeking those with an outside perspective serves to not only improve the quality of the result, but often to uncover unconventional solutions to the challenges presented in the project. We shift our perspective, move our angles, we think outside the box. Our mindmaps are a dynamic co-creative process for brainstorming and idea evolution.


We map the concept, including every facet of development. Most game development plans are highly complex and require painstaking definition before any development can realistically begin. We will clearly define the work and spec the project so that there is ultimate clarity before we begin design.


There are three elements of the design which we address simultaneously: the story (or backstory), the asthetics (the "look and feel" ), and the level of interactivity (game play).