Virtual Remote Dome Controller (VRDC)

A biofeedback game to support soldiers in their post-deployment recuperation process.

The Virtual Remote Dome Controller (VRDC) project was developed to further test the viability of biofeedback in supporting soldiers in their post-deployment recuperation process.

The game currently consists of six biofeedback, military-themed events which can be played either separately or as one ongoing mission. The game provides two tracks where the objects on screen are manipulated via physiological response (normal mode) or computer animation (placebo mode). Both tracks record data including heart rate, galvanic skin response (GSR) and game results.

After seeing the innovative approach of the Air Medic project, TNO Defense & Safety (Dr. Victor Kallen & Dr. Nelleke van Wouwe) in collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Defense (Col. Dr. Eric Vermetten) contracted VisionShift Studios with the goal of producing a biofeedback gaming environment prototype that could be scientifically tested. The first phase produced a pilot version of the game, which has been tested and validated in a sample of Afghanistan veterans (20 soldiers of the Dutch logistic battalion). The second phase produced a placebo version and more robust physiological data reporting. A third phase has produced a single event game as a quick method of measuring potential resilience associated with physiological markers.