Cultivating live theatrical performance, digitally-enhanced visual media and strikingly original music, Apollo's Fire excavates the mytho-historical record of the Apollo figure so central to the worldview of Western Civilization. As a mythic god of music, poetry, truth and prophecy, the Apollo figure holds a key for transformation. Understanding how and why the Apollo myth was originally transfigured by the Greeks allows us a window into the processes that will allow us to change, to adapt and to confront the grave problems facing our society and earth today.

At its essence, Apollo's Fire gives voice to a lost design of the seminal Apollo archetype. The ancient Greco-Roman god was himself corrupted by humanity. In his present form, Apollo is an icon of dominance, and his reign has driven the rise of the propaganda machine. Until now. Apollo returns to reclaim and restore the balance of power usurped from the ancient priestesses at Delphi, while heralding the emergence of a new mythology in response to the unfolding madness wrought by the prevailing patriarchal culture.

Myths are time-traveling stories. They serve to help us navigate our past, present and future. Yet more fully recognizing mythologies as representing real psychological processes can bring the narrative to bear upon reality. The creation of new mythologies is critical for our continued survival.

Apollo's Fire is an ongoing collaboration between VisionShift Studios and performing artist, Parker Johnson.

Previous live performances have included the Burning Man festival and the South by Southwest festival in Austin, TX. 

2012 Live Performances were held at the Boulder Fringe Festival in the PAC Theater (Naropa University Main Campus) from August 16-24, 2012.

Cantaqua is currently being transformed into a full dome digital projection. Stay tuned!