Current Projects

  • Air Medic Sky 1

    Air Medic Sky 1

    This innovative patient safety game is an interactive biofeedback game. In the game players are introduced to biofeedback game controls to navigate the game and basic concepts regarding communication and teamwork in patient safety given by an international team of patient safety experts delivered through mini-games and lectures. Players also manage patients in complex situations that they will inevitably face as junior doctors. Play and learn about patient safety and gain insight into how physiological functioning affects performance.

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  • VRDC

    Virtual Remote Dome Controller (VRDC)

    The Virtual Remote Dome Controller (VRDC) project was initially conceived by TNO Defense & Safety (Dr. Victor Kallen & Dr. Nelleke van Wouwe) in collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Defense (Col. Dr. Eric Vermetten) in order to further test the viability of biofeedback in supporting soldiers in their recuperation process after challenging experiences (i.e. a ‘tour of duty’ in Afghanistan).

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  • Journey to Wild Divine

    The Journey to Wild Divine uses finger sensors that track your body's physiology through biofeedback. Tracking heart rate variability and skin conductance you'll learn to use the power of your thoughts, feelings, breath and awareness.

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  • Wisdom Quest

    Travel through beautiful realms of endless possibilities where you'll practice yogic breathing techniques and mediation to lower stress and improve physical and mental relaxation and health.

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  • Music Video Mirabai Ceiba

    A Hundred Blessings song from the albuym of the same name. Mirabai Ceiba's first music video directed by VisionShiftStudios, published by Spirit Voyage Music, 2010.

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  • Sacred Water

    Sacred Water

    Sacred Water features a solo exhibition by Corwin Bell, whose work is most comparable to James Turrell’s light installations. Bell’s multimedia installations feature animation and graphic design work, ceramics, as well as glass pieces that will engage the viewer to interact with the work on display. Viewers will have the opportunity to explore and examine water from a different perspective.

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