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Creating immersive experiences that transform lives.

Spotlight Projects

  • Cantaqua

    Performed at Burning Man 2011, Boulder Fringe Festival 2012 and South by Southwest 2012 in Austin, TX. Cantaqua is an ongoing collaboration involving live theatrical performance, digitally-enhanced visual media and strikingly original music. The production is currently being transformed into a full dome digital projection.

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  • Air Medic Sky One

    Air Medic Sky One (AMS-1) is a groundbreaking, serious game that trains young doctors in the early stages of their clinical careers life-saving patient safety and self-management techniques. AMS-1 was designed by Visionshift Studios in collaboration with the University Medical Center Utrecht, the Netherlands.

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  • Virtual Remote Dome Controller (VRDC)

    The Virtual Remote Dome Controller (VRDC) project was developed to further test the viability of biofeedback in the support of soldiers in their post-deployment recuperation process. The game consists of six biofeedback, military-themed events which can be played separately or as one ongoing mission.

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  • Journey to Wild Divine

    Inducted into the MacWorld Hall of Fame, The Journey to Wild Divine is the first serious game platform to integrate biofeedback to help users achieve control over their responses, reduce stress and improve overall health and wellness.

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